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GTA 6 leak points to a third, seriously unexpected protagonist

GTA 6 leak points to a third, seriously unexpected protagonist

Who's that third character?! A... no... it can't be...

If you thought overanalysis of GTA VI would come to an end after Rockstar Games finally announced the game’s trailer, we’re here to tell you that was naive. Oh sweet summer child, the rumours, analysis, and speculation will never end, not even once the game has been out for several years.

The latest deep-dive into all these leaks is that there’s to be a third protagonist entering the mix. Everyone has been talking about GTA VI having its first female lead and understandably so, but it won’t just be Lucia and her male companion we’ll be seeing, there could also be a baby on the way too.

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According to an “insider”, a character who is considerably younger than the main two protagonists will feature heavily in the story and its main plot points. This wouldn’t be the first time a child has been a part of the GTA universe, or significant to stories, but it’s still an unexpected detail that has fans curious. Not as curious, or excited, as the leaks suggesting the chainsaw will return as a weapon of choice, though – fans do love taking it to the extreme in this franchise.

If the child is Lucia’s (the main female character) like the leak suggests, it’s a new move for Rockstar as previous children have been adults. Furthermore, it potentially pigeonholes female leads as mothers, with children being their main driving force for doing what they do to survive; GTA is known to be gritty, but this would be quite different even for them. However, if the child is actually a feature of GTA VI, it won’t be a playable character nor will it be included in missions, which is a godsend I guess.

Currently, fans haven’t quite figured out how they feel about this, besides throwing a lot of shade at gun laws in the US. For now, I think fans are too surprised by the unexpected twist of this leak to have any tangible feelings on the matter. One thing’s for sure though, if the GTA trailer shows a baby, it’ll break more records than 12th Hour’s fan-made GTA VI trailer.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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