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GTA 6's latest trailer has one glaring omission you might've missed

GTA 6's latest trailer has one glaring omission you might've missed

Well, this is embarrassing

Have you noticed anything wrong in the one – and only – GTA VI trailer? No?

Allow us to point it out to you then: it has no grand theft auto.

The fandom has been abuzz about GTA VI for what feels like years, yet few of them have pointed out this obvious omission from a series named after such crimes.

Apparently, there are 25 laws broken throughout the course Rockstar Games’ famous trailer, yet none see the lead characters stealing a car.

Fans have been so preoccupied bracing for delays that they’ve missed out on this intriguing, and rather odd, detail.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the GTA VI trailer for yourselves to see if you can spot any grand theft auto

Maybe Rockstar is saving such high-speed drama for the next trailer; we live in hope.

Canoe was the first the spot this detail, or should we say, lack of it. According to their article, “Using Florida state laws, experts say a crime was committed every 3.6 seconds.”

GTA VI is all about that hustle. Except when it comes to cars, it seems.

Yet, while we haven’t seen any grand theft auto just yet, the robberies and police chases have showcased a huge improvement in gameplay since GTA V.

What is more, players are promised an “unparalleled entertainment experience” upon release; again, giving us hope that despite its lack of car theft, all will be right with this game.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play the new GTA instalment when it launches, as roughly 50 percent of all PlayStation users will find the game “unplayable”. Uh oh.

GTA VI is turning out to be a curious, enigmatic creation. We look forward to the day it finally releases, and we can see if all this analysis and hype has been worthwhile.

Lord help us, and Rockstar Games, if it isn’t.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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