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GTA 6 latest tease promises us an 'unparalleled entertainment experience'

GTA 6 latest tease promises us an 'unparalleled entertainment experience'

We live to be entertained

The GTA fandom isn’t quite sure how it feels about the latest launch window news. However, one thing they should be pleased about is how entertaining GTA VI will be.

In case you’ve yet to emerge from your cave to read the news, GTA VI will release in Fall 2025.

You’d think this is fantastic news, but apparently it isn’t.

Looks like we need to rewatch the only GTA VI trailer again

“So, we not only have to wait the whole [of] 2024, but also 2025 too now??” tweeted a fan who’s clearly not okay with waiting another year.

Others claimed the autumn deadline is a delay despite what Take-Two claims.

But whether this is or isn’t a delay isn’t as important as the realisation that GTA VI will be unplayable for roughly 50 percent of PlayStation users. That’s quite a substantial portion of the fandom due to be left out in the cold.

Nevertheless, while there are downsides to the upcoming release date, Rockstar’s parent company has assured us that we’ll receive an “unparalleled entertainment experience”.

It was also revealed that “confidence in the final product continues to increase”, just in case we’re in doubt about the new game.

Even though co-op multiplayer gameplay has left fans divided, an open-world event has left fans hungry for more; it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Whatever happens when GTA VI launches – even if it should do the unthinkable and flop – it’ll still be crowned as one of the biggest cultural moments in gaming history.

Not that we’ll easily forgive it failing should that happen.

Now we know the release date (kind of), all that remains is for another trailer and/or some gameplay footage to be revealed. “All good, now we need a gameplay trailer,” commented another Twitter user.

If we could just see something more... even if it’s only mere seconds of official gameplay... it would help alleviate some of the annoyance fans are feeling.

Besides, we deserve to be entertained, albeit for a very short time.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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