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GTA 6 open-world event gameplay leaks, is unlike anything we've ever seen

GTA 6 open-world event gameplay leaks, is unlike anything we've ever seen

From shark tank diving to a big cat mansion

We are all aware of how much content Rockstar Games can fill its titles with but according to new GTA VI leaks, it may have just outdone itself.

With Easter eggs still being found in titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 to this day, Rockstar is no stranger to making sure its games are full to the brim with content. From main missions to side quests, hidden items to random events, there is always something to do in Rockstar’s latest title.

Check out the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI below!

Now according to new leaks, this will most certainly be the case for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Courtesy of a video by RedBandit over on YouTube, Grand Theft Auto VI is set to have over 1,500 world encounters which can range from shark tank diving, secret abandoned research facilities, rocket launches, wingsuit flying and underwater military bases - just to name a few.

If you played Grand Theft Auto V, you already know that the strangest events could take place throughout the map with little to no warning. Now it seems as though the next entry in the much-loved series is adding even more world events and encounters with the chance to stumble across and explore the wildest of settings.

According to this unconfirmed list, players can find satanic houses, missing tourists, a “big cat mansion”, abandoned observatories, a voice in a storm drain, canyon etchings and even the SERA space facility which you can already see is a parody of NASA.

Although these are just rumours, a lot of them would make sense based on GTA VI’s setting of Vice City, a.k.a a fictional Florida. However, with Rockstar yet to show anything but the game’s first trailer, it is worth taking any leaks with a pinch of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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