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GTA 6 robberies and police chases look like a huge improvement

GTA 6 robberies and police chases look like a huge improvement

Rockstar Games is doing God's work with GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto VI is coming towards the end of 2025, and while we’re still waiting on official gameplay the latest leaks are painting a clear picture of what it could be like.

Rockstar Games’ publisher Take-Two Interactive recently had its annual earnings call, which confirmed speculation that GTA VI will launch in Fall 2025.

Check out the trailer for GTA VI below

While that’s still a bloody long time away, it at least adds another piece of the puzzle of GTA VI, and now all we’re really waiting for is a look at the game itself outside of cutscenes and cinematic shots.

It’s unclear when Rockstar Games plans to drop this information, though in the meantime leakers have been meticulously searching and sharing details they’ve discovered.

One such detail comes from Reddit user Denso95, who shared a long list of discoveries, including a more in-depth version of the Wanted Level system.

Denso95 says there will be “Wi-Fi hotspots” in the game, which will seemingly tie in to the expanded phone capabilities briefly seen in the trailer, as it seems social media will be a big part of the gameplay.

This will also tie in to police chases, as it’s said that when you commit a crime, “cops won't show up immediately. It takes time for them to be dispatched.”

It’s speculated that crimes committed in Wi-Fi hotspot zones will be reported more quickly, whereas those in more rural areas will take more time to go through.

Take this with a pinch of salt, but if it’s legitimate it’ll add a whole new element to heists and random crimes, and it’s also said you’ll be able to cooperate and interact with the police when they arrive, they won’t just shoot you down as they tended to do in GTA V.

GTA VI will launch in Fall 2025, and is expected to make some enormous changes to the formula of the series.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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