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GTA 6 fans left heartbroken by multiple cancellations

GTA 6 fans left heartbroken by multiple cancellations

Grand Theft Auto fans are devastated, and it's understandable why

Rockstar Games recently had its GTA VI celebrations dampened by the source code for GTA V leaking online, pulling back the curtain on multiple planned, and cancelled, projects.

One can only imagine Grand Theft Auto fans combing through the leaks, becoming more and more teary-eyed as they realise GTA V had entire games' worth of DLC planned before going all-in on GTA Online instead.

Check out the stunning GTA VI trailer below

Some of the planned expansion content included a zombie apocalypse within Los Santos, similar to Red Dead Redemption’s phenomenal Undead Nightmare DLC. There were also plans for an alien invasion, as well as story expansions featuring the trio of protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

There were even plans to introduce map expansions that would take players back to iconic GTA locations like Liberty City from GTA IV, or Miami, also known as Vice City, which is returning in GTA VI instead.

The content was cut in favour of several updates for GTA Online, which added some decent stuff but for increasingly high in-game costs, no doubt an attempt to push players into buying Shark Cards with real-life money.

Fans were devastated to hear the news, and while many are still excited about GTA VI thanks to a record-breaking teaser trailer, they were also disappointed to learn of the wasted potential of GTA V.

In a Reddit post sharing some of the cancellations, one fan said “An Undead Nightmare for GTA V would’ve been incredible.”

They went on to say: “I hate how all their efforts were redirected to the online mode. I wish they would’ve hired more people to allow support for both the singleplayer and online after it blew up.”

Another added: “All the stuff that got shelved here sounds like it would’ve been amazing compared to the content farm that is GTA Online.”

One fan simply put: “I hate them for not working on that GTA V DLC.”

The worst part is it’ll probably be the same story for GTA VI, with content cut from the singleplayer to make room for more microtransactions in the online mode.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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