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GTA 6 development update leaves fans stunned

GTA 6 development update leaves fans stunned

Grand Theft Auto VI will reportedly use a brand-new game engine, and it’s an absolute monster.

Grand Theft Auto VI will reportedly use a brand-new game engine, and it’s an absolute monster.

As we slowly creep our way to the end of October, so does the rumoured announcement for Grand Theft Auto VI. Speculation suggests 26 October will the day, with thousands of fans crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

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In the meantime, the oven has dinged, and a fresh batch of leaked information is ready to eat, this time providing a closer look at what Grand Theft Auto VI has under the hood.

According to the latest sources, Rockstar Games is using a brand-new game engine for GTA VI, called the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, aka RAGE. It’s unknown where the leak is credible, though the sources do say they’ve verified the information.

Apparently the RAGE engine is an absolute beast, capable of creating some remarkably realistic worlds, and there’s a few examples of what it’s reportedly capable of below.

For starters, sources say it will be able to “physically simulate water in an open-world video game in real time”. Given how GTA VI is supposedly set in a new and improved Vice City, and maybe expand to other areas, this would make a lot of sense, after all it borders on the sea so there’ll likely be plenty of seaside and ocean activities players can do to pass the time.

The sources also say it’ll give driving a boost in realism, as it’ll “significant increase in the number of polygons” for vehicles. It’s stated that vehicles will still control the same way as previous games, but will crumple and tear apart more realistically than GTA V.

Finally, RAGE will bolster the game’s environment in many ways, such as enhanced lighting affects, in addition to a full-on weather system, with the various weather affecting how you play. This includes slippy roads when it’s raining, wind resistance when in an open space/high up and more.

It all sounds very exciting, if it’s true. Given how long GTA VI has been in development, and how it’ll only release on current-gen consoles and PC we should hopefully see some of the advanced game mechanics listed above.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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