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God Of War Unreal Engine 5 remake is a work of art

God Of War Unreal Engine 5 remake is a work of art

We are but mere mortals compared to such artistry

God of War is a franchise that dominates the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who’ve played it. It’s relentless in its grip, so much so that many have been crying out for remakes of the first three games. So far, Sony Interactive Entertainment has ignored those cries, but the fandom, well, it’ll do the work devs won’t when their hands are forced.

When we first laid eyes on the God of War 2 remake, we were in awe of its stunning looks. Lovingly crafted by fans, it showed gamers how Kratos would look after a fresh lick of pixels to smooth out the blocky edges of the original sequel’s dated graphics. It wowed us. So, when we got wind of an OG God of War remake, we had to cast our eyeballs on the trailer to see if this concept was as beautiful as well. We’re happy to confirm that it is. Heck, this Unreal Engine 5 remake is a work of goddamn art.

See God of War like never before...!

“This feels like a dream, hopefully we will get a proper remaster of all games one day,” said on YouTuber in response to the impressive concept trailer. Another gamer seconded that sentiment, before adding “I’m still here hoping for a God of War 1 and 2 remake”, a remake that has gained over 700 likes.

Seeing how God of War Ragnarök has been crowned as the best PlayStation 5 game to have been released, period, we can’t help but wonder why Sony isn’t in a rush to monopolise the hype surrounding this series. The love for the franchise has been there since day one, and, as @dominick951 proves, people would readily buy a remake, “I’ll be honest. If Sony would remake God of War with modern graphics I'd easily buy it.”

But with a Ragnarök DLC rumoured to be on the way, Sony hasn’t got the time to return to the iconic origins of the franchise because it’s fixated on looking ahead. As disappointing as that’ll be for some fans, it’s good to know the franchise is still a priority for the developers.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay – YouTube

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