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BioShock Unreal Engine 5 remake is a thing of staggering beauty

BioShock Unreal Engine 5 remake is a thing of staggering beauty

This fan-made BioShock Unreal Engine 5 remake is a thing of staggering beauty.

You can always rely on fans to give the people what they want. While a remake of BioShock may not officially be on the cards, we can imagine what one might look like thanks to an incredible fan-made project.

We’re in the midst of a bit of a BioShock drought. A film adaptation is on the way from Netflix. It’s set to be directed by Francis Lawrence, best known for helming all but one of The Hunger Games series, which bodes well for the project. This is clearly someone who understands what it means to handle a story told on an epic scale. As for the status of the film though, the script is still being drafted so it’s unlikely that we’ll see it on our screens for years to come. BioShock 4 is also slipping away, with rumours suggesting that the game could land in 2028. Yes, that’s not a typo … 2028. Now you might be able to understand why we’re clinging so desperately onto this BioShock fan-made remake trailer for a fix of this iconic franchise.

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The trailer was created by YouTuber noodlespagoodle and it essentially reimagines BioShock in Unreal Engine 5. It perfectly captures the essence of the game but you don’t need me to describe it to you. It’s much better if I let the trailer speak for itself. Take a look at the project in action below.

Unfortunately, there have been no updates on the project since it was posted by noodlespagoodle so we have no idea if the remake has expanded, nor if it will ever be playable. Still, sometimes it is fun to just daydream and ask ‘What if?’ If this is as far as the project ever progresses, it’s clear that it’s brought so much joy to fellow BioShock fans.

“This is exactly how BioShock felt to me when it came out. It was the graphics showpiece of its time,” wrote one fan, while another added, “This looks amazing. You replicated the feel and the sound of Rapture perfectly.” One comment said, “I would love to play this so badly. It looks amazing.” I guess we’ll have to patiently wait for BioShock 4.

Featured Image Credit: noodlespagoodle via YouTube, 2K Games

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