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F.E.A.R is long overdue a revival, fans agree

F.E.A.R is long overdue a revival, fans agree

We'd be reaching for a pillow to hide behind if this game gets revived

Creepy little girls messing up your life might be old hat now we’ve played the likes of Resident Evil 7, however, back in the day, spooky kids were just making their way into the horror video games.

It’s a classic staple, and for good reason – children can be deeply unsettling at the best time of time, so when you put them into a horror situation, they excel at increasing the fear factor. Undoubtedly, this is why so many gamers are eager to see a F.E.A.R revival.

Despite having launched back in 2005, love for the game knows not of the ravages of time, with fans still crying out – begging – for more instalments. That demand has increased after gamers have seen that other revivals, like Capcom’s Dino Crisis, become a realistic possibility.

For many gamers, F.E.A.R was the first horror game they’d ever played, its haunting visuals still fresh in their minds 19 years later. On Steam, the game has amassed thousands of “very positive” comments, proving that the supernatural forces of the title will never die.

F.E.A.R was an absolutely amazing horror FPS,” said Redditor CobBaesar. “I remember playing this in the complete dark at night when it was released. The constant eerie and ominous ambiance they managed to create is just f**king amazing and had me sh*tting bricks [...] Damn, the original was amazing.”

There would be know creepy, disturbing child in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard without F.E.A.R

Try as the sequels did to capture the intense terror of the first game, they never succeeded, much to the disappointment of a community waiting to be scared witless one more. The “back to back scares” messed a lot of young gamers up, them quickly reaching for the light switch so they felt less afraid.

Such sweet memories.

Alongside the iconic scene when Alma surprises you as you try to use a ladder, there’s also the ‘vent scene’ that still has fans' hearts pounding. “My finger slipped onto the trigger, unloading a full magazine into the wall and pipes, screaming at the top of my lungs and then pausing the game.”

We seriously need to return to those days and see F.E.A.R (be it a remake or a new venture) launch onto current or next-gen consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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