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Fallout: New Vegas has one of gaming's best open worlds, fans agree

Fallout: New Vegas has one of gaming's best open worlds, fans agree

Few open-world games compare to New Vegas

This won't shock anyone who's played the game, but Fallout fans are in agreement that Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best open-world gaming experiences. And no, we won’t be taking any notes on this, this decision is final.

As with a lot of these declarations and unanimous decisions, they come from the wonders of Reddit, an endless source of humour, fear, and anxiety in equal measure. But today is a good day because gamers are coming together instead of tearing each other down, and all because someone asked “what is your favourite open world game and why?”

Make sure you watch the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition trailer

Many titles were suggested, but it was Fallout: New Vegas that got the most votes, or maybe it just has the loudest fandom. “New Vegas was endlessly fascinating,” shared Redditor haynespi87. “I have never got close to that feeling in any [other] Fallout [game].”

Arguably, all Fallout titles have a lot of replayability, as one player suggested on this thread, yet they too agreed that New Vegas was among the best, with them sad that Bethesda still hasn’t created a port for newer consoles.

New Vegas wasn’t the prettiest open-world game to grace our consoles, nor did it run bug-free – it was a glitchy mess that crashed and died during the most crucial narrative moments. Yet it brought such joy, as well as memorable characters. Love for this special game is still going strong, with dedicated fans creating hours of new content so the Wasteland can still be explored.

“Fully agree with Fallout. Hundreds of hours just exploring the wasteland,” said another player, before adding, [it] made Starfield all the more disappointing. [It] didn't have that same sense of exploration unfortunately.” It seems that Bethesda will forever have its sci-fi RPG compared to its other franchises, most notably Fallout and The Elder Scrolls (specifically, Skyrim).

If you’ve yet to experience Fallout: New Vegas, you need to correct that massive blunder as soon as possible. No gamer should go their whole lives without playing that game. After all, it’s one of the best open-world titles.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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