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Fallout: New Vegas gets a ton of new quests via dedicated fans

Fallout: New Vegas gets a ton of new quests via dedicated fans

This Fallout: New Vegas mod brings tons of new quests.

The Fallout series is without question one of Bethesda’s most popular franchises with its legion of loyal fans always eager to explore the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Whether it be Fallout 3, Fallout 4 or Fallout: New Vegas, the chances are that most fans will pick one of these three as a series favourite. However, we’re sure that the classic top-down entries will also gain notable mentions, but it’s the latter game that is today’s topic of discussion.

Check out the Fallout: New Vegas trailer below!

Released in 2010 and developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout: New Vegas was intended to be an expansion to Fallout 3 before it eventually evolved into its own standalone game. Ironically, Fallout: New Vegas not only became one of the best games in the series but it was also supported by a wealth of fantastic DLCs of its own.

What’s more, if you play on PC, you can also take advantage of some fantastic community-developed mods and at the forefront of that community are Bethesda RPGs. One particular indie developer has created the Radiant Infinium - Endless Questing Framework mod which is available to download now for free via Nexusmods.

“Enhance your Fallout New Vegas experience with our Radiant Quests mod! Immerse yourself in a world of endless dynamically generated quests, offering a level of variety and excitement you've never seen before,” reads the description of the mod. “Become a true side-quest aficionado as you explore uncharted territories and encounter challenges like never before in the Mojave Wasteland.” So in a nutshell, this mod will create seamlessly never-ending quests to keep you busy in the post-apocalyptic wasteland for the foreseeable future and then some.

Fallout: New Vegas is out now on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This beloved RPG is also not only backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One but is included in Xbox Game Pass as well as PlayStation Plus Premium subscriptions services.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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