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Elden Ring player discovers new secret after 600 hours

Elden Ring player discovers new secret after 600 hours

Elden Ring has more secrets to show us

The Elden Ring map is full of secrets, as one player has discovered after sinking numerous hours into the game.

In truth, it’s a find that they needed help discovering, for they’d missed it throughout the 600 hours they’d already committed to the game. Egg meets their face, am I right?

Joking aside, the Elden Ring map detail we’re referring to is one easily missed. In fact, the person who discovered it – and subsequently helped their fellow gamer – played 300+ hours before noticing.

Are you looking forward to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree?

Before you assume you know what this “secret” is, allow me to say that it isn’t the huge map secret that's been hiding in plain sight this entire time. Oh no; this is something entirely different.

What did these two shocked players find, then? “Tiny giants on the mountaintop map”.

As if that revelation wasn’t enough, one fan brought home just how giant these “ting giants” are, thus causing fellow Elden Ring fans a big of an existential crisis.

“Then you go to the tiny giant and realise you're the size of his toe. Then you realise those tiny giants are toe-sized to the giant-giants buried all over Caelid and the mountaintops,” they explained.

From there, fans joked about missing these key details, with one player commenting, “The map is a lot more detailed than I thought!” Another posted, “It’s a great detail that took me way too long to notice myself.”

Such details may not be as exhilarating as learning one player took down Malenia with a level one character, but let’s be honest, few discoveries are.

We’re waiting on tenterhooks to see what secrets await in FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC; undoubtedly there will be more hidden imagery to find. Though, in all honesty, many of the initial secrets will likely be missed.

Did you spot this map secret before now? If so, you’re in the minority, it would seem.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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