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Elden Ring fans may have missed these wonderful limited time freebies

Elden Ring fans may have missed these wonderful limited time freebies

If you need to take a moment, we understand

Been well over a year since Elden Ring came out, yet many of us are still pouring hours into its fantastical adventures, determined to unlock all its secrets. If you eat, sleep, and breathe the game, firstly, you need to change up your routine, and secondly, you’re about to experience pain unlike any other when we inform you a stellar deal may have passed you by.

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Normally, we wouldn’t be so cruel as to rub salt into the wound. However, these gorgeous Elden Ring-inspired goodies are too stunning to just be ignored. Besides, you may still discover some Black Friday deals lurking that can make the cost of these items even cheaper.

FromSoftware has helped create some stunning books, with those books filled to the brim with stunning artwork from its games. Let’s face it, few games have looked as incredible as Elden Ring, so why wouldn’t you want to adorn your house with concept art, additional tales, and deeper lore to help make its world tangible?

Among the goodies that are still discounted, though, sadly, without a freebie, are both Elden Ring's official art books Vol. 1 and 2. You’ll also find that the Dark Souls: The Complete Collection graphic novels are also available, should you not be a fan of the most-awarded video game of all time. You can continue on your journeys both on and off the screen, combining unusual quests to uncover 10,000,000 runes to flicking through the pages of tales of the Tarnished Warrior Aseo.

Elden Ring’s world is your oyster. And while you’ve likely missed out on some wonderful freebies, savings can still be found that are worth checking out. Don’t be the only one among your friends not to have some sweet FromSoftware merch – act now before you miss out on even more amazing deals!

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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