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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer snuck out just ahead of GTA 6

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer snuck out just ahead of GTA 6

There's a lot to unpack from the latest trailer, but my goodness, this looks stunning!

Everyone is talking about the early GTA VI trailer drop, and rightly so, but I’m all about the sneaky Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer that was dropped yesterday ahead of all the GTA chaos.

It was a smart move to get the trailer out before Rockstar Games dominated social media, however, with BioWare’s decision comes the possibility of DA getting lost in a sea of GTA hype. So, I’m here to ensure that doesn’t happen, because the new DA: Dreadwolf trailer looks amazing, and it’s only a snippet of what’s to come.

Feast your eyes on the vastness of Thedas in the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer

In the trailer, we get an overview of multiple locations fans have long requested to see, such as Rivain, the home of everyone’s favourite pirate rogue Isabela. Then there’s also Antiva, another destination synonymous with Isabela and also Zevran who hails from its shores. But it's not just the glimpse of a large map sprawling the entirety of Thedas that has us so excited, it’s hearing Hawke’s voice again – could this mean yet another glorious return, especially if they entered the Abyss, or is the voice behind Kirkwall’s Champion destined for a different role?

There are so many questions still left unanswered. Questions which won’t get answers until much later down the line, with the game’s full reveal scheduled for summer 2024. This means that its launch is likely to be very late 2024 or, more likely, 2025. It’s an agonising wait, but like when N7 Day lifted the spirits of Mass Effect, so too has Dragon Age Day given DA fans a shining beacon of hope.

“There’s so much to digest here, I’m dying to play,” said one fan, before adding, “Going to go back and read the books now.” A wise move if ever I’ve heard one. Another fan voiced similar excitement, though lamented over the wait until the full reveal, “I'm so damn happy that we finally got some more information because of this trailer. But, damn. Waiting till summer 2024 for the full reveal and potential release date is such a long time. However, I absolutely loved Dragon Age: Origins and also really loved Inquisition. If Dreadwolf is as good as those games, the wait was worth it.”

I would like to add here that there are no bad DA games. And with that, I leave you to explore, and re-explore, the trailer wildly for days on end as you try to decode every hidden clue. I know I’ll be doing the same.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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