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Dr DisRespect rages at his own video game

Dr DisRespect rages at his own video game

Dr DisRespect has found a new game to rage at, his own.

Dr DisRespect has found a new game to rage at, his own.

The renowned streamer is well-known for his short temper when playing games, arguably one of the main reasons people tune into his streams, but on his latest stream, it was his own game causing him frustration.

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Titled Deadrop, the game is described as a vertical looter-shooter, developed by Midnight Society for Dr Disrespect.

The game is still in active development, being worked on publicly allowing fans to play its early builds. The streamer plays the title himself on stream quite regularly, especially when a new update drops, but his recent playthrough caused a bit of a stir.

During his gameplay, the streamer attempted to jump onto a zipline that’d take him to the next part of the game, however, something obviously went wrong, as his character was unable to grab it and plummeted to his death.

This completely eliminated Dr DisRespect’s progress in the game, prompting a brief, but loud outburst of rage. He screamed, "GRAB IT, GRAB IT, Grab the f****** zipline."

Of course, fans loved it, pointing out how hilarious it was that the steamer got so heated about his own in-development game, especially given how he’s made a name for himself with his video game rage.

Some were concerned for the game developers, fearing he was going to take out his frustration on the poor designer who coded the zipline.

“He’s gonna be having a call with the devs after stream.”

“The moment of hesitation where he considers which clip would go more viral, him raging or him ignoring.”

“Whoever coded the zipline is fired.”

In other news, Dr DisRespect recently expressed interest in joining the Mortal Kombat 1 roster as one of the DLC fighters, even coming up with his own ideas for fatality moves, which would apparently incorporate his passion for cars.

As for Deadrop, development is still ongoing, with the title currently having no official release date.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Disrespect- Twitch/Midnight Society

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