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Diablo 4 devs are reportedly contemplating a $100 DLC expansion

Diablo 4 devs are reportedly contemplating a $100 DLC expansion

That's a lot of money for a DLC

We don’t want to just assume anything, but we suspect many of you wouldn’t be open to paying $100 for DLC expansions. However, that possibility might be on the cards as it’s claimed the Diablo 4 devs are contemplating the move.

The claim comes from YouTuber Bellular News, who says they’ve been sent a “confidential” Diablo 4 survey where Blizzard Entertainment asked its players about how comfortable they’d be paying for expansions, with prices ranging from $49.99 all the way to $99.99. Obviously, that 99 cents makes all the difference.

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Hero skins, seasonal currencies, and other such add-ons are suggested within said survey, with both Gamestar+ and Try Hard Guides seemingly confirming four different price tiers. Blizzard reportedly said that the higher tiers wouldn’t just include cosmetic extras but also a companion who “accompanies you in-game, providing some conveniences and utility such as access to your stash or gold pickups”.

Anything that makes playing the gamer easier, especially when it comes to our inventory, sounds good. However, we’re not sure we’d be willing to pay such a steep fee for the privilege.

In addition to a potential new ally, the survey said that top tiers would also gain early access to a “Unique piece of gear or a Legendary aspect before it's released during the expansion”, which, again, is a nice perk.

But as with all alleged insider information, it’s worth taking it with a pinch of salt until it's announced by the developers and/or publishers. After all, it’s far too easy to whip ourselves up into a frenzy, like Grand Theft Auto fans who’ve been “predicting” the GTA 6 trailer date since the start of the year. Speculation can also lead to outlandish claims, like one gamer who believes GTA VIII is about to drop

Even if the survey is genuine, though, we doubt many Diablo 4 players will be rushing to spend that much money on an early access item or a budding new companion.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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