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Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time is an underrated banger, fans agree

Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time is an underrated banger, fans agree

What's up, doc? Underrated fan favourite Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time is a banger of a game.

There’s a lot of games that have earnt iconic status amongst fans, but none go quite as hard as the underrated banger that is Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time.

You may be wondering why such an incredible game is so underrated? It’s because many of us have forgotten we played this game, though once we’re reminded the memories instantly unlock.

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On a Reddit thread, one user commented saying “I had no idea I played this game until now. I wish I remembered more of it”, followed by another Redditor who said “Holy sh*t this game was completely erased from my memory”.

At least nobody pointed out just how old this game is, resulting in a collective existential crisis like GTA: Vice City did when we learnt 2002 is as long ago as the 80s were when the game launched.

It would seem the mind can be incredibly cruel when it comes to our memories, even the good ones. However, the up side of that is once you unlock those forgotten memories, all the joy of co-op playing with your mates comes flooding back.

Still not convinced it was that good? You better believe it was – one player rented it from Blockbuster and “had the best weekend ever”. Now if that doesn’t have you agreeing with fans, we don’t know what will!

For the uninitiated, the game follows Bugs Bunny as they navigate Nowhere, after mistakenly activating a time machine. Once there, they have to collect clocks from different time periods to try and get back home.

Players had to traverse five different eras, which amounted to 21 separate levels to explore in total. It was a fairly large game for the time, and clearly left its mark on everyone who played it.

This isn’t the first time fans have praised Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time. In February 2022, a post appeared on Reddit (it’s always Reddit) that was nothing short of a love letter to the game. It read: “Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time was one of my personal favourites, and I’m really hoping for a remaster/ remake of this game because we haven’t had a new looney tunes game in so long.”

We quite agree that a remaster is long overdue, however, as one user pointed out, for that to happen there’d need to be an “upsurge of popularity in Bugs Bunny”. Oh, that hurts, but it’s nevertheless true. Our only hope is that a fan will create the remake we’re all waiting for, like the fan-made remaster of Wipeout.

Despite classics like Ape Escape and MediEvil coming to PlayStation Plus, their inclusion for subscribers has been a long time coming. If PlayStation ever decides to give us a backward compatible Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time, it won’t be any time soon.

Still, while this underrated gem might not be available currently, fans can enjoy watching playthroughs online to give the nostalgia cauldron an extra stir.

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