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'Pixar' Lord Of The Rings reboot is absolutely adorable

'Pixar' Lord Of The Rings reboot is absolutely adorable

A reddit-user showed what popular Lord Of The Rings characters could look like with a Pixar makeover.

Recently we took a look at what the Harry Potter series would look like if it was made by Pixar and concluded it was absolutely adorable. Well, now we may have found the next best thing, Lord Of The Rings, but rebooted as a Pixar series.

Reddit-user ozdemirburak shared a post featuring some of the most popular Lord Of The Rings characters sporting a cute Pixar make-over and we’ve got to say, they look wonderful.

The renders were made using the AI generation tool Midjourney, using the prompt “If Pixar made the Lord Of The Rings and created redesigns of Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Smeagol, Arwen, and Galadriel respectively.

Gandalf and the various hobbits in particular looked exceptionally good in the Pixar style, which is typically known for its expressive characters and impressive visual effect rendering.

What’s most surprising, is the AI tool actually managed to find a way to make Smeagol look lovable and sweet…a character known for having a grotesque and unsettling appearance, so hats off to the AI for that one.

Other Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the redesigns, with many stating that they’d have rather had the Pixar adaptation than Amazon Prime’s original TV series Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power, which received a very underwhelming viewer count and failed to impress many fans of the franchise.

Bigsonny45 stated: “A million times better than that AMAZON PRIME tripe!” with AloneCan9661 adding: “I'm not a big fan of LOTR but...this looks kind of interesting.”

One user in particular, HarbingerODiscontent, made a funny observation about Boromir, saying: “Somehow the Boromir pic is making Sean Bean look even more like he's from Sheffield than he does in real life and I can't put my finger on why.”

While all of these Pixar-fied Lord Of The Rings characters are all adorable in their own right, we are left wondering what some of the more menacing characters would look like with a Pixar makeover, like Sauron or The Balrog.

Luckily, more Lord Of The Rings content is on the horizon, with Warner Bros recently announcing that several LOTR films are in the works set in the ever-expansive world of Middle-earth, though we’re pretty sure none of them will be made by Pixar unfortunately…

Featured Image Credit: ozdemirburak via Reddit, Midjourney

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