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'Harry Potter Pixar' TV series looks absolutely adorable

'Harry Potter Pixar' TV series looks absolutely adorable

One Harry Potter fan has shared what it would look like if Pixar adapted the series, and the results are positively adorable.

Have you ever stopped to think, ‘I wonder what it would look like if Pixar chose to make a Harry Potter series?’ Well, somebody has done exactly that and the results are positively adorable.

In case you thought it was a fever dream, yes, a new Harry Potter TV series is really in the works - although it’s from HBO, not Pixar. The “decade-long” project will feature an all-new cast and promises to faithfully adapt JK Rowling’s books with approximately one season per book. Already, plenty of people are threatening to boycott the series over Rowling’s role as an executive producer. A similar stance was taken by fans against Hogwarts Legacy, although it was recently revealed that the game still managed to exceed expected sales by 256%. Let’s hop on back to that Pixar idea though.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 5 May. Enjoy a tour of the house common rooms below.

Reddit user the_Champion used AI generator Midjourney to type in the prompt, “If Pixar made the Harry Potter series”. The resulting images show Harry, Hedwig, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Luna, Hagrid, Snape, Draco, and Dobby all in Pixar’s signature animation style. I’ll admit, Dobby looks more like Grogu than a house elf, but the other images are absolutely spot on. Hagrid in particular looks perfect as a Pixar character.

I’m not alone in thinking that. Goblinpipes wrote, “Hagrid being 90% beard could not be more fitting for that style,” while _vastrox_ added, “Hagrid looks absolutely perfect.” More generally though, fans were impressed with the AI-generated results. User purplebanana375 wrote, “I would love an animated Harry Potter series. This is so beautiful.”

Bingbangboomxx commented, “I know WBD will go the live-action route with its reboot series, but this would be the best way. It wouldn’t need to be compared to the movies.” I quite agree. It would’ve been nice if the reboot had taken a more original route.

Featured Image Credit: the_Champion via Reddit, Midjourney

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