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Parasite Eve fans are desperate for a remake, 25 years on

Parasite Eve fans are desperate for a remake, 25 years on

Parasite Eve fans would love to see Square Enix give the series the new-gen remake treatment.

If Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 have proved one thing, it’s that remakes are really going down a treat right now. Both games released to critical acclaim, just as The Last of Us Part I did several months prior.

It’s no surprise really that recent remakes have been so well received. The originals are already great games. Who wouldn’t want to play those again with new-gen bells and whistles? The question is, which game would you like to see remade next? Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and already in the pipeline. Some have suggested Dino Crisis. I was delighted to hear that the creator of The Simpsons: Hit & Run is up for working on a remake. How about Parasite Eve? I think that’s a remake that plenty of us could get behind.

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Reddit user puq2021 suggested, “Parasite Eve 1 & 2 need a modern remake. Two very different but great games,” and it’s a strong suggestion. 1998’s Parasite Eve follows New York City police officer Aya Brea as she attempts to stop Eve, a woman who attempts to destroy the human race via spontaneous human combustion. It sounds a little off the wall but trust me, it’s an entertaining game. The 1999 sequel is a direct continuation of the plot, although it did further emphasise the survival-horror aspects of the game.

Plenty would love to see these games reach a new audience. Misternawman wrote, “I usually don’t enjoy remakes much but I’d do anything to see Parasite Eve with modern graphics,” while crapmyhands said, “I was just thinking this a few weeks ago. Why the hell not.” Another user added, “Yes please, I’d buy a PS5 for that.” Sector7Slummer wrote, “One of my all-time favourite games. A remake I would very much look forward to. I’d even be happy with a remaster.”

It’s believed that there may be a licensing issue blocking Square Enix from considering remaking the series but they can’t stop us from dreaming about it.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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