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Nintendo Switch gamers urged to turn off one setting to improve downloads

Nintendo Switch gamers urged to turn off one setting to improve downloads

Say hello to fast downloads

As someone who lives with painfully slow internet, I know that I would do pretty much anything in order to get faster downloads. Hopefully this tip for the Nintendo Switch will help you as much as me.

Despite being around since 2017, there is still plenty we don’t know about the Nintendo Switch with new tips and tricks still being discovered to this day.

Check out the Nintendo Switch OLED model below!

From being able to enable zoom to activating dark mode, our Switch units are capable of a lot of cool things other than just playing the latest Nintendo release.

However, one user has recently discovered a way to download games whilst the Switch is tucked away in its dock.

By default, when the Nintendo Switch is docked using a wired internet connection, you are unable to download games whilst it is in sleep mode. This is because the unit prioritises recharging over any downloads which is quite annoying when you want to download a title overnight.

However, Nintendo has incorporated a way to turn off this feature. Simply head to Settings > Sleep Mode > Maintain Wired Connection in Sleep Mode. Now you will be able to keep your Switch wired up in the dock and continue with any downloads.

In related news, Nintendo has recently been giving Switch users the chance to get their hands on some free downloads which they can use to customise their virtual profiles.

This includes freebies relating to Donkey Kong, Paper Mario and Splatoon 3.

On that topic, we called the recent Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door release “a vibrant reprint of a beloved must-read” in our review.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door accomplishes what it sets out to do: remake and revamp a beloved Nintendo classic for a new audience on the Nintendo Switch.”

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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