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Spider-Man 2099 series officially announced

Spider-Man 2099 series officially announced

Does whatever a futuristic spider can

A brand new Spider-Man 2099 series has been announced by Marvel, capitalising on the popularity of the character in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The new comics series is being written by Steve Orlando who has previously penned Spider-Man 2099, plus Supergirl, Marauders and Superman.

Orlando plans to put 2099 up against some of Marvel's classic monsters in a series that heavily leans into dystopian horror, a genre that was nailed in The Immortal Hulk. Horror isn't perhaps the genre you consider when thinking of Spider-Man, but Miguel O'Hara will be battling zombies, werewolves and even Dracula.

Planned as a limited series, Spider-Man 2099 will see these monsters invading Nueva York putting everyone in danger. The series is in good hands - Steve Orlando received critical acclaim for his work on Spider-Man 2099: Exodus and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis.

Joining Orlando are five artists, one for each issue in the series. The artists coming on board to showcase Miguel's battles are; Devmalya Pramanik, Micheal Dowling, Jason Muhr, Chris Campana and Stefano Raffaele.

In the first issue we'll get to see Spidey attempt to "stop the ever-evolving zombie infection before it takes hold of his mother", while issue two will bring Dracula in as he apparently threatens... the moon!? Issue three will be a 2099 version of Werewolf By Night and will feature a "no-holds-barred battle" with werewolves. Marvel report that issue four will bring "Terror back to his horrific roots" before the final issue caps off the series by introducing Man-Thing 2099, who is now a technological creature.

If you're worried that a werewolf or Dracula might bite our hero and transform him further, do not fret, as this series is bringing other Marvel characters to team-up with 2099. We'll get to see Moon Knight 2099 drop in to defeat Dracula, though oddly Blade 2099 will be backing up Miguel to destroy the zombies in issue one.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 is on sale 4 January 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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