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Jailbroken PS5 consoles are being used to install an iconic game

Jailbroken PS5 consoles are being used to install an iconic game

Hackers have finally managed to jailbreak Sony's PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation 5s are still relatively hard to come by, but they’re not quite as elusive as they once were. Plenty of us now have our hands on one of these chunky lads and are discovering new secrets everyday. Just this morning, players found an extremely handy feature hidden in plain sight on the DualSense controller.

This latest breakthrough though, has been two years in the making. Hackers have finally managed to jailbreak the PlayStation 5’s hardware thanks to a new kernel-level exploit first discovered on the PlayStation 4.

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As reported by Kotaku, at least one person has managed to jailbreak their PlayStation 5 and their first port of call was to install Kojima’s P.T. What’s jailbreaking I hear you ask? Essentially, jailbreaking a console allows users to change the restrictions a manufacturer has placed on the device.

Hacker Andy ‘TheFloW’ Nguyen first discovered the IPV6 kernel exploit last month and now, Twitter user SpecterDev has been able to implement this. In simple terms, the hack takes advantage of a vulnerability in the PlayStation 5’s web browser, using this to access a web server located on a local PC that contains the implementation of the kernel-exploit hack.

Hackers are still experimenting with the constraints of the hack but Twitter user Lance McDonald was able to install Kojima Productions’ P.T. which despite being a PlayStation 4 title, is currently unplayable on PlayStation 5 consoles. McDonald’s success proves that the PS5 has hidden backwards compatibility capabilities. At the time of writing, Sony has yet to comment on the news.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Konami

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