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New PlayStation Plus freebie is the 'best remake' of all time, fans say

New PlayStation Plus freebie is the 'best remake' of all time, fans say

The PlayStation Plus February essential tier line-up is now available to download - and fans say it includes the 'best remake' of all time.

February is well underway which means that the latest batch of PlayStation Plus freebies are now available to download, as of yesterday in fact. All subscribers, regardless of tier, can now grab four new freebies.

The new batch follows a strong January line-up which included Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I hope you grabbed that one before it was too late. There really is no better time to give Fallen Order a whirl considering Jedi: Survivor’s release is just around the corner. This month though, PS Plus subscribers can grab OlliOlli World, Evil Dead: The Game, Destiny 2: Beyond Light and what many subscribers are calling the ‘best remake’ of all time.

Speaking of Jedi: Survivor, take a look at the trailer below.

The final game in this month’s line-up is Mafia: Definitive Edition. Reddit user Masspoint wrote, “This is still the best remake if you ask me,” and they’re not alone in holding that opinion. Mafia is a must-play and many flocked to the post to agree. User garcm3 wrote, “World class masterpiece,” while gnolijz added, “I finished this game recently and frequently caught myself marveling at its presentation.”

Those who weren’t previously familiar with the game are enjoying it too. V_imaginery said, “I’ve heard good things and it didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up playing for a while and it was so fun. The storyline is great so far.” Deadlyruckas added, “Just downloaded it on PS5 for free. I can’t believe I never tried it. It’s an awesome game.”

If you fancy giving Mafia: Definitive Edition a go, that means you’ll have to play through the game’s notoriously difficult race level. I’m sure you’ve heard of its infamy. Essentially, you’ll need to win to proceed with the game but stick with it. It’s not impossible, I assure you.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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