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New 'Horizon Forbidden West' Update Fixes The Game's Most Irritating Issue

New 'Horizon Forbidden West' Update Fixes The Game's Most Irritating Issue

It's not a bug or a crash which got folks' wires in a tangle.

It’s been almost a week since the 1.09 patch came out for Horizon Forbidden West and it seems like the best addition to the game has only just been discovered.

Fans were unhappy with the 1.08 patch, as an oversight prevented many players from 100% completion. In order to obtain the “All Machine Types Scanned” trophy, players had to complete the Cauldron area at night. One robot - the Apex Sentry Scrounger - is exclusive to this region and time period, and those who completed the Cauldron without scanning the chonky boy were then locked out of doing so for good. The latest patch fixes that issue, but it’s not the fix which players have been most excited for.

Those who haven't had a chance to check out Aloy's latest adventure can see her in action in the trailer below.

As spotted by Push Square, there is a much needed quality of life change added to Forbidden West which players are excited for. Before the patch was introduced, as Aloy roamed the landscape looking for materials to collect, she would pause for about a second as she picked up each item, shown via a short animation. 

Now if you go into the menu, there is an option to toggle that animation on or off which can save players that second. While this may not seem like a lot, when you are collecting numerous items ready for a mammoth crafting session, it can feel like a lifetime. 

You can save your own precious seconds in just a few button presses. Once you pause the game you should select “Settings”, then at the bottom of the “General” tab you will see an option toggle next to “Pickup Animations”. Once you switch that bad boy off, you may roam the lush forest harvesting berries to your heart’s content, without waiting around for Aloy to bend down and pick them up.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games

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