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New Halo Unreal Engine 5 game will have us fighting The Flood

New Halo Unreal Engine 5 game will have us fighting The Flood

Relive the horrors of the Mona Lisa

Spanning across the last 20-years and still counting, the Halo series has captured the hearts of millions of players all over the world and this upcoming expansion proves just that.

First launching back in 2001, the sci-fi FPS series Halo has gone on to receive six mainline entries as well as multiple spin-offs, television adaptations and books.

Check out the most recent Halo entry, Halo Infinite, below!

Created by Bungie before being handed over to 343 Industries, the franchise is still going strong with the latest entry, Halo Infinite being released in 2021.

Although the next entry is yet to be confirmed, there have been rumours of Halo 7 arriving pretty soon but until then, this fan-made Halo “horror narrative experience” is bound to keep us entertained… or scared out of our minds.

Created by Kaleb Nekumanesh, an environment art director, this is a “fan-made short 15-30 minute experience with narrative, combat and puzzles”.

Made using Unreal Engine 5, this story will take place on the Mona Lisa, a prison ship that has mysteriously come to rest with the fate of its crew unknown.

“Return to Alpha Halo and learn the mysteries of the Mona Lisa while trying to survive a flood outbreak,” Nekumanesh writes. “This fan-made Halo experience made in UE5 will be releasing soon, stay tuned!”

The announcement comes alongside a short teaser trailer giving us a look at this brand-new Halo experience. We see the ruined ship complete with eerily quiet corridors and floating bodies before we head to the airlock and overlook the galaxies beyond.

The trailer ends with an explosion before its title, The Mona Lisa, appears on the screen.

Nekumanesh has announced that the game will be added to when it is complete but this is something Halo fans will not want to miss out on.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries

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