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Netflix's record-breaking new series smashes past 411 million hours viewed

Netflix's record-breaking new series smashes past 411 million hours viewed

They can't cancel this one, right. Right?

Netflix‘s new series Wednesday has now beaten its own impressive record with a massive 411 million hours watched for this morbid comedy show following the adolescent Addams at Nevermore Academy.

Starring Jenna Ortega as the titular character, she is sent to the school after she defends her brother from bullying by dropping piranhas into the water polo pool. Initially, she struggles as her acerbic personality causes friction with a number of individuals in the academy, but soon, it transpires that her nascent powers will be key to solving a mystery that has plagued the local town of Jericho.

Check out the trailer here:

With 411 million hours viewed across the world, Wednesday leaves Stranger Things in the dust, and there have been heaps of praise for the show's portrayal of a possibly autistic young girl. "It's the first time that I've ever really related to a character," said one. "Wednesday, though, I don't know - it just hit me with all the social issues and how she behaves."

One would assume, then, that there's no risk of a cancellation from Netflix for the second season. It's advisable to cross everything just in case though as the streaming service is certainly capricious. While Wednesday is not confirmed to be continuing, we'd eat our hats if that expectation wasn't being discussed in phone calls right this minute.

"You always lay out at least three or four seasons' worth of potential storylines for the characters. It can evolve and change," clarified showrunner Miles Millar in an interview with Variety. "We certainly have a pretty clear runway of what we want to do in future seasons."

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