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MrBeast and Geralt are coming to Fortnite, because literally anything goes now

MrBeast and Geralt are coming to Fortnite, because literally anything goes now

This is simultaneously expected and unexpected.

Fortnite is welcoming Geralt of Rivia, All Might, the Incredible Hulk, the Doom Slayer and... YouTuber Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson to the battle royale in Chapter 4.

The game's Icon Series comprises individuals like Ariana Grande, Harry Kane, Neymar Jr, Naomi Osaka, Ninja and more, some with unique skins of their own. At this point, with all of the crossovers we've had and the ones yet to come, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's Heston Blumenthal pulling the strings behind the scenes on Chapter 4. Still, MrBeast is somewhat of an expected and unexpected choice.

Check out the trailer for the newest evolution of the game, featuring dirt bikes, a brand new map, new weapons and snowballs!

MrBeast is famous for his philanthropy - he gifted an entire island to a fan - but he was in the headlines lately for his odd comments about his girlfriend. When the two met, he "tested" her to see if they would be compatible because he doesn't "really get along with women." Explaining his test, he would ask a woman who is "like, beautiful" if she has hobbies, whether she has an interest in learning and what kind of content she likes to consume. Yeah, just like a job interview.

Chapter 4 Season 1 is live now, and the Doom Slayer is included in the new battle pass. Geralt, on the other hand, is arriving later on in the season. Assumedly, the same goes for the MrBeast skin, the Incredible Hulk and All Might, so keep tabs on Epic Games' social media channels for the announcements.

Let's meet back here around this time next year, when I've no doubt the next big Fortnite update will have introduced Mr Blobby, Drake, Donkey Kong, and a Tetris block as new playable characters. I already can't wait.

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via Instagram, Epic Games

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