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‘Morbius’ Is Returning To Cinemas, For Some Reason

‘Morbius’ Is Returning To Cinemas, For Some Reason

After becoming a meme sensation, Morbius is returning to over 1,000 cinemas.

It’s Morbin’ time again. Morbius is one of the strangest superhero-inspired films to have graced our screens. In case you missed it (or maybe you’ve just compartmentalised it to an area of your brain reserved for cursed things), Morbius was a certified flop and achieved just a 17 percent rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Unsurprisingly, that puts Morbius amongst the worst superhero movies of all time. Regardless though, the film has become somewhat of a meme phenomenon and I guess Sony took note because Morbius is returning to cinemas for a limited run … seriously I’m not joking.

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From this weekend (so yes, today), Morbius is returning to over 1,000 cinemas, although this does appear to be across the US and Canada. As it stands, Morbius has pulled in a domestic total of $73 million and a worldwide total of $163 million. This is against an estimated budget of up to $83 million so it’s safe to say that Morbius hasn’t been a money spinner.

The movie follows a weird old thing that happened on Twitch just last week. A mysterious channel called Morbius247 suddenly appeared on the platform and just as its name suggests, it streamed Morbius for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The channel was eventually taken down but only after it amassed well over 10,000 views.

Given that Morbius is a Marvel IP and the film stars Oscar-award winning actor Jared Leto, it should have been a decent film in theory yet it was an utter tragedy. It boils down to the terrible script. The film completely lacked any structure, switching between laugh-out-loud absurdity and head-scratching nonsense.

Sony are clearly trying to capitalise on Morbius’ meme success though, even if it is by getting people to go to the cinema to laugh at the film or see if “It’s Morbin’ time” is a real line. You won’t catch me buying a ticket, I’ll say that.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

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