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'Modern Warfare II' Leak Seemingly Confirms The Thing Fans Have Been Begging For

'Modern Warfare II' Leak Seemingly Confirms The Thing Fans Have Been Begging For

According to an insider, players could finally be getting their hands on a map editor in Infinity Ward's upcoming new Call of Duty title.

In late April, and after enough leaks to sink a ship, it was officially announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is on the way. And no, not Modern Warfare 2, which is immensely confusing - we already had that one back in 2009.

Slated for a 28 October release date (yes, that’s confirmed), we don’t have a massive amount of time to wait until Infinity Ward’s next CoD release is upon us. That’s not stopping the onslaught of rumours and leaks from circulating, though - and one insider is suggesting that fans might be getting a long-overdue feature, which is bound to cause some hype.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II below.

According to a report from Ralph Valve (published on WhatIfGaming), Modern Warfare II is set to include a map editor, for the first time in the series’ history. Valve writes that Infinity Ward and Treyarch are apparently planning to produce “a community-led effort”, providing players with all the tools they need to edit an already existing map, in a new offline mode. 

Reportedly, players will be able to modify the objectives and restrictions of a map, as well as customise spawn points, alter the scenery, and change properties like containers and crates. Unsurprisingly, it’s claimed that modified maps will be regulated (presumably, so no glitchy, bug-filled messes are allowed to run rampant), and map creators can be “approved” with a verified checkmark. 

Fans on Reddit have been reacting super positively to the rumour: “The return to Steam and the addition of a map editor again is starting to actually sound like COD is definitely moving in the correct direction.” wrote AlwaysLaughAtLife. “Wild that a new Call of Duty is somehow my most anticipated game of the year. What a time to be alive,” said Standard_Aerie_3792.

With Summer Game Fest only a couple of days away, hopefully we might soon be able to find out if all this is true or not. Valve also claims that Treyarch intends to have the map editing feature “incorporated heavily” in an unannounced 2023 free-to-play title. So, if we see it confirmed for Modern Warfare II, it might indirectly (unofficially) confirm this, too - we’ll just have to watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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