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Michael Scott edited into Mass Effect in cursed YouTube video

Michael Scott edited into Mass Effect in cursed YouTube video

One YouTuber has created an incredible mashup of The Office and Mass Effect, which works way better than you'd expect.

The world is eagerly anticipating the release of Mass Effect 5. It might not actually be called that in the first place, since the fourth entry in the series skipped the numerical name format entirely and went with Andromeda instead. But, that’s what everyone’s been calling it, and so it shall continue until we’re told otherwise.

That’s a very long way of saying that we barely know anything about the upcoming game yet. In April last year, BioWare confirmed that it’s “now early in development”, so there’s still probably a long time to wait until we see what the team is working on. For now, we just have that same ol’ teaser from 2020, and a dream.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 5 below.

Anyway, the wait is clearly getting to people a bit now, because we’ve reached the point where fans are creating obscenely high-quality edits of The Office’s Michael Scott in the world of Mass Effect. Created by eli_handle_b․wav on YouTube, this mashup works far better than it has any right to. Take a look below.

In an email interview with Kotaku, the creator revealed that the video took around two weeks to make, and it was definitely worth the effort. He used Mocha Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects to piece it together.

Responding to the video’s overwhelmingly positive reception, he told Kotaku: “It’s always riveting to realise that your ideas and your work receive such a massive response.”

Just when you thought you’d seen everything that Mass Effect 3 has to offer, one of the cinematic designers on Mass Effect 2 and 3 recently revealed that she previously created a new (albeit unofficial) ending for the game. In an unexpected, wholesome twist, her ending sees the title come to an explosive conclusion as Shepard runs into the arms of the Illusive Man and just starts making out with him. Imagine if that was an actual secret ending.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the next Mass Effect game sometime soon. Please BioWare, hide Michael Scott in it somewhere.

Featured Image Credit: eli_handle_b․wav via YouTube

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