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Max Payne remake first look appears online

Max Payne remake first look appears online

Remedy Entertainment has just dropped a small Max Payne teaser that's left us feeling hyped.

Remedy Entertainment had a pretty successful 2023. I say that with trepidation because while Alan Wake 2 was a major critical success, scooping up an array of award wins, it hasn’t yet proved to be a financial success. As of the beginning of February 2024, the game had shifted just 1.3 million units.

Still, Alan Wake 2 is a positively phenomenal game, deserving of all its wins. With that in mind, many of us are eager to see what Remedy is cooking up next. The long-awaited Control 2 remains in development, as does its multiplayer spin-off Condor at 505 Games. Remedy is also, of course, working closely with Rockstar Games on a remake compilation of 2001’s Max Payne and 2003’s Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne. Those spin-offs left pre-production and entered full development back in November, with Remedy confirming the project increased pace this month.

Here’s what Remedy’s Sam Lake had to say on becoming Max Payne.

That increased pace has led to a rather exciting update. Remedy has seemingly dropped two pieces of art relating to the remakes. Over on the official Remedy Entertainment Instagram account, several images were shared of new Max Payne decals that were recently installed at Remedy Finland HQ. The caption read, “New Max Payne decals are now gracing some of our office spaces and meeting rooms at Remedy Finland HQ. What do you think?”

As for what we can glean from these decals, as pointed out by Rockstar Games, the New York skyline features the One World Trade Center which poses an interesting question. Construction rounded to a close on the building in 2013 with it later opening in 2014. If you’ve played either Max Payne or Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, you’ll know that the series takes place in the 1990s.

Could the remakes bring us forwards in time, transporting Max to a modern day setting? Or is this decal feature nothing to read into? Well, that’s uncertain for now. As for when we can expect this project to land, it’s most definitely several years away but Alan Wake 2 was worth the wait. Remedy has our trust and faith.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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