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Grab Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for free right now

Grab Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for free right now

This is my favourite free game on the Citadel

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, an epic trilogy that lets you fight, talk, and even sex your way through the universe, is entirely free to download and keep this week. More or less, anyway.

If you've never played BioWare's celebrated sci-fi RPG trilogy, then there's a piece of your soul missing. 2020's remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the best way to experience Commander Shepard's fight against the Reaper threat, bringing in a number of essential visual and gameplay improvements.

If you want to check out the Mass Effect trilogy for yourself, all without paying a penny, you can! The game is currently available for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5.

If you're not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it's entirely possible to sign up for a seven-day free trial. Granted, you'll probably have a job getting through the entire trilogy in just seven days, but by God you can have a bloody good go at it.

Even if you can't get a free trial, this is one game I'd honestly urge you to shell out for PlayStation Plus for, even just for the month. This really is one of gaming's best trilogies, leaving aside the fact Mass Effect 3 doesn't quite stick the landing. Hell, just play Mass Effect 2 and you'll come away impressed, I guarantee it. This approach would also largely avoid having to deal with Ashley Williams, who I maintain is one of the worst characters to exist in a video game.

The other PlayStation Plus games this month are also worth a look, although arguably not quite as essential. Alongside Mass Effect you can grab the fun open world action-RPG Biomutant, and indulge in some multiplayer mayhem courtesy of Divine Knockout.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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