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Marvel shot down drones and set up a fake buy for a leaked script, says Secret Invasion star Samuel L Jackson

Marvel shot down drones and set up a fake buy for a leaked script, says Secret Invasion star Samuel L Jackson

Marvel shoots down drones and creates fake scripts, says MCU and Secret Invasion star Samuel L. Jackson.

It seems the espionage antics of S.H.I.E.L.D are not too dissimilar to those used by Marvel Studios in real life.

Nick Fury, played by Hollywood legend Samual L. Jackson in the MCU, is no stranger to espionage, decoys, and general tomfoolery. In the modern age of the internet and paparazzi, whether it's video games or the movie and TV industry, leaks are rife.

Sometimes leaks can be such a big deal that major plotlines can be spoiled before the related product is released officially to the public. So, in an attempt to stay ahead of the game, developers and production companies have to think outside of the box to tackle this seemingly never-ending problem.

The first episode of Secret Invasion is out now.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, in relation to the most recent MCU series on Disney+, Secret Invasion, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke spoke of how leaks are easier to contain with Marvel over the HBO series. “I'll tell you what, it's so much easier now because whenever it comes up or people want to ask, you just get to be like, 'Dude, Marvel. I can't say anything,'” said Clarke in the latest instalment of EW's Around the Table series. "That's just what I kept saying over and over again.”

Other than keeping lips sealed, another tactic that keeps a firm grip on any potential spoilers is the drastic measure of Marvel shooting down drones and creating fake scripts to deceive those that attempt to sell inside information to the highest bidder.

Samuel L. Jackson, who reprises his role as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion confirmed that people would fly drones over a filming set, to which Marvel would simply shoot them down. Furthermore, Jackson also stated that not only would drones be shot down, but Marvel would track down the culprit.

What’s more, Jackson even recalled a moment in which Marvel tracked down a leaked script during the filming of Avengers. “I remember when we got ready to do Avengers, someone printed out a copy of my Avengers script that had my watermark on it and put it online for sale,” he said. “I was shooting in Canada, and Marvel came to Canada. It had been printed in the production office… They found out who it was, dude quit and left the country. They set up a fake buy for the script, dude didn't show up. It was crazy.”

So if there’s a lesson learned, don’t mess with Marvel. Secret Invasion is available to stream now on Disney+ over six episodes that release every Wednesday.

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