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Manhunt 3 teased in GTA Online update

Manhunt 3 teased in GTA Online update

Manhunt 3 has apparently been teased in the world of GTA Online.

Manhunt 3 has apparently been teased in the world of GTA Online. Could it finally be happening?

Manhunt from Rockstar Games was first released in 2003 for the PlayStation 2. In case you didn't know, it was an exceedingly violent game for its time. Even by Rockstar standards.

Manhunt is a third-person stealth game in which you play as a character named James Earl Cash, a death row inmate moments away from execution. However, instead of being executed, James passes out and wakens in the abandoned Carcer City. He hears the voice of “The Director” over a tannoy and he’s granted a second chance at life, but at a cost.

In order to live a new life, James must kill all the gangs in the city in the most gruesome ways possible and he must do so in front of CCTV for the benefit of The Director. Essentially, James is starring in his own snuff movie.

So, yeah, you could probably see why Manhunt was banned in several countries. That being said, the ban never stopped a sequel from arriving in 2007. Still, it’s now been 16 years since the last Manhunt game arrived and as we approach two decades, fans are desperate to see this gruesome series complete its trilogy.

Why is it believed that Manhunt 3 is being teased in GTA Online? As reported by GGRecon, GTA V used to use an app called iFruit, which could be downloaded onto your smartphone and would be used to interact in the game, such as customising your cars as well as looking after Franklin’s dog, Chop.

A dataminer has discovered information in the now defunct iFruit in relation to a license plate that can be used in GTA Online that is perhaps associated with Manhunt. The license plate in question mentions a soft drink called Sprunk, a drink that was very prominent in the Manhunt series.

We know it feels like we’re clutching at straws, but sometimes, it’s the subtle things that can eventually have a much larger purpose. That being said, would Manhunt ever get released in this generation, given how gruesome of a series it was? If Manhunt 3 was to happen, surely fans wouldn't be happy with a watered-down version.

If we never see a new entry in the series again, at least we know that the original Manhunt is playable on modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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