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Mafia 4 teased ahead of full reveal

Mafia 4 teased ahead of full reveal

Could SGF be the moment we finally see the new game?

We could be inching ever closer to the first full reveal of Mafia 4.

Since March 2023, we’ve known that a new Mafia instalment is reportedly in the works. However, since learning this news, there’s been (almost) radio silence regarding the project.

Now, with Summer Game Fest looming, rumours are ablaze claiming that Mafia 4 will make its debut reveal at the event.

Remember when the Mafia: Trilogy teaser dropped?

As shared on Reddit, Vortex said, "According to our information, the new Mafia is about to be introduced.”

If you click to read the article in question, you’ll see that details are scarce, with much of the article reading more like opinion than fact.

The only “evidence” presented is Vortex’ claims that it’s “already received several hints from insiders from abroad”.

Nevertheless, while this article appears short on information, Vortex has proven reliable with previous leaks.

“As for the claim itself, they may be onto something,” agreed a fan. “In August 2022, the Hangar 13 GM said that the next Mafia game is ‘a few years away’. A summer 2024 announcement tracks with that.”

Elsewhere, another posted, “This is making too much noise for it not to be legit; can't wait for June.”

After all this time, it would be fantastic to catch a glimpse of what Mafia 4 has in store for us.

Even more so considering that there are purportedly two Mafia games in the works, not just the one.

However, let’s not pretend that a new BioShock and Borderlands aren't two IPs that could be revealed instead of Mafia. “The games Mafia, BioShock and Borderlands are considered the most serious candidates for many different reasons,” Vortex explained.

Therefore, it’s wise to approach this information as nothing more than speculation until SGF proves otherwise.

Unfortunately, we know the drill all too well: be cautiously optimistic until any form of official announcement.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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