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Ludwig's Twitch subscriber record has just been absolutely shattered

Ludwig's Twitch subscriber record has just been absolutely shattered

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has finally broken the all-time subscriber record held by Ludwig for several years.

Ludwig Ahgren, better known simply as Ludwig, is one of the most successful streamers of all time. Originally, Ludwig started out on Twitch before switching to YouTube in late 2021.

That’s where the streamer still resides today. It was a sticky transition period. Ludwig was banned from YouTube just days after moving to the platform. Ultimately, it wasn’t too big of a deal though. The streamer was hit by a DMCA takedown after watching fellow streamers while live. Let’s flash back to the creator’s Twitch days though. Despite leaving Twitch several years ago, Ludwig has continued to hold onto the all-time subscriber record - but that record has finally been beaten.

Take a look at some of our favourite Twitch wins and fails below.

As reported by ComicBook, Ludwig’s record has been broken by Kai Cenat. Previously, Ludwig sat atop the rankings with 283,066 subscribers. That record was set in April 2021. Now, Cenat has bested that after accumulating 305,344 subscribers - which, needless to say, is an impressive number. Cenat thankfully was streaming at the time so caught the celebratory moment on camera.

“We did it,” he told his viewers. “300,000. The final picture. Chat, this is the final picture. Right here, right now. I can’t even … on the last day of Black History Month at that. Nobody has ever done 300,000 bro. I’m so happy I did it with the people who support me. I couldn’t have chosen nobody else to do this with.” Take a look at the moment below.

Ludwig isn’t too upset about passing the crown over. In a tweet, the streamer congratulated Cenat writing, “Congrats to Kai Cenat for breaking the all-time subscriber record. Very deserved. Twitch, now pay the man before you lose another record breaker.” Sliding a little Twitch dig in there, I see.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, Ludwig via Twitch

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