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Ludwig Banned From YouTube Days After Leaving Twitch

Ludwig Banned From YouTube Days After Leaving Twitch

YouTube cracked down on "policy violations" on the creator's channel.

Ludwig Ahgren, also known conveniently as “Ludwig” on Twitch and YouTube, has been banned from his new streaming home only days after he jumped ship. 

Ahgren in fact started his channel four years ago though you’ll likely recognise him from the viral subathon that he held in the spring. His challenge was to stay streaming for as long as the channel received new subscribers, with every subscription extending the time that he must stay streaming by an extra ten seconds. The entire stream lasted a month, seeing Ahgren’s subscriber count surge from 1,730 to 283,000 between March and April, and $350,000 of the funds accrued was donated to charity. 

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While the streamer had a presence on both Twitch and YouTube, he flipped a coin to choose which one would be the permanent place to host his online content. Personally, I’m an advocate of the coin flip because it’s a good way to suss out whether or not you actually are torn in two different directions on a decision. “I immediately felt this wave of relief because I was very anxious about change,” said Ahgren of the coin flip, and once he had his answer, he contacted YouTube which then trumped Twitch’s monetary offer to keep Ahgren on Twitch.

Though, I doubt that Ahgren expected he would encounter trouble this early on in his transfer. In a stream on December 2nd, the streamer landed a suspension due to “policy violations” from one of his first streams on YouTube. Incredible scenes. Fortunately, Ahgren has a sense of humour about it, screenshotting his inert YouTube channel with the caption “you could say the switch has been going well” and sharing it on Twitter.

These “policy violations” aren’t a mystery, though. It was a DMCA takedown because the streamer was watching other videos while streaming live on YouTube. “What happened was I was trying to look at the top fifty greatest vintage YouTube videos,” explained Ahgren. “Along the way, I ended up listening to a few seconds of Baby Shark, which… I won’t dare listen to again. I’m pretty sure the corporate overlords that own Baby Shark have an iron fist on YouTube, and so they took me down.”

Ahgren’s channel remains but he no longer has the ability to start livestreaming which is a slight issue. “I thought what would happen is because of YouTube’s robust content ID system, they’d flag it, take the monetization from the stream. Baby Shark doesn’t work like that though,” continued the streamer. “It is crazy. In four years on Twitch, I never got banned.” Beware the Baby Shark is the lesson we will learn from this.

Featured Image Credit: Ludwig via Twitch, YouTube

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