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The Lord Of The Rings fans have built the whole of Middle-Earth in Minecraft

The Lord Of The Rings fans have built the whole of Middle-Earth in Minecraft

Someone built Middle-Earth in Minecraft, and it's gorgeous

Lord Of The Rings fans, the entirety of Middle-Earth has been reconstructed in Minecraft and it’s glorious

In case you didn’t notice, Lord Of The Rings fans are eating well this year, with new films on the way alongside a brand-new series of the Amazon Prime Video show, The Rings Of Power.

Check out the trailer for The Rings Of Power Season 2 below.

The announcement of more films is also really exciting, and one of them will focus on the origins of everyone’s favourite mutated hobbit Gollum, with Andy Serkis returning to the role.

Enough about that though, as fans have a while to wait before they can enjoy any of it, so let's talk about something you can enjoy right now, Minecraft.

The world-famous crafting and survival game is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, marking the occasion with freebies and glimpses into the future, including the upcoming live-action show starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa.

What’s this got to do with Lord Of The Rings I hear you ask? Well someone has recreated Middle-Earth within the game, the entirety of Middle-Earth, down to the hills.

You can see the full project on the official website, though to summarise it includes several iconic locations seen in the books/films, and even includes the various mountains, streams and forests Frodo, Sam, Bilbo and all the other main characters traversed.

All of this is down to the last minute detail, and the scale of some of the buildings and landmarks is immense.

According to the website, the game’s map is made up of “29,000 by 30,000 blocks” and is around 870 square kilometres, which is roughly “the same size as Dallas or Fort Worth in Texas!”

If you’re interested in helping the creators finish the map, there are links that’ll let you get involved with various jobs that need doing.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros, Microsoft

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