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Minecraft drops free download to celebrate 15th anniversary

Minecraft drops free download to celebrate 15th anniversary

Happy memories incoming

How has it been 15 years already?

It feels like only yesterday that Minecraft launched, and we all collectively became way too invested in mining pixelated ore.

Yet here we are, in 2024, with the beloved sandbox adventure celebrating its 15th anniversary. And boy oh boy, is the game doing it in style.

Right now, there’s an anniversary map for you to explore that will take you on an interactive trip down memory lane.

Check out the 15h anniversary Minecraft map for yourselves below.

“Celebrate 15 years of Minecraft with our free anniversary map!” the YouTube caption reads.

“Made in partnership with our pals at Oreville Studios, this marvellous map holds a massive Minecraft museum filled with key moments in Minecraft history.”

Needless to say, there’s a lot of feel-good vibes floating around the gaming community today.

Even more so because this celebratory map is free to download for all users. What a special gift!

Samcraft10 posted, “I remember back when I first discovered Minecraft during the early 2010s, and I have a lot of nostalgia for building lots of stuff. Happy 15th Anniversary, Minecraft!”

There are numerous comments mirroring those words – like from another YouTuber who said, “This is the only game that has never gotten boring like many other games I've played.”

They added, “Never ending possibilities of what you can do, along with making new friends. Happy 15th anniversary!”

It seems all those heartbroken fans from when the 15th anniversary plans first leaked, have changed their tune after seeing the full extent of Mojang’s celebrations.

The lesson here? Never underestimate a dedicated developer when it comes to its most successful IP.

In the words of user @starsilverinfinity, “15 years of fond memories, here's to 15 more!”

Long may Minecraft continue to wow us while offering a space to explore our creativity and silliness.

Few games compare to this one – if any – and we’ll forever be grateful for that. From everyone here at GAMINGbible, happy birthday, Minecraft!

Featured Image Credit: Mojang Studios

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