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Logitech Launch New Gender-Inclusive Product Range

Logitech Launch New Gender-Inclusive Product Range

Logitech introduces The Aurora Collection, a gender-inclusive set of hardware accessories.

Swiss-American company Logitech has been a giant in the hardware business since its inception in 1981. Its mice, keyboards, and headphones are used across the globe, with their dark-coloured, metallic, and practical look. However, a new range is about to change their previously functional aesthetic.

The Aurora Collection, introduced on July 26th, looks like it will put comfort first.

Check out the relase video for the brand new Aurora Collection right here.

In the video above, Logitech showcased The Aurora Collection with fancy graphics, and actors modelling the diverse uses of the new range. The main use seems to be gaming, but socialising and working are touched upon too. The pastel colours of the hardware seem pretty inviting, especially one keyboard model that has WASD keys standing out in soft pink.

Logitech has said the new range aims to support “comfort, approachability and playfulness” and the video certainly seems to support that notion with the actors in the clip seemingly having a great time showing off the hardware lineup. The product was apparently a result of "feedback from women gamers across the community.”

Gaming hardware's aesthetic has been looking pretty cyberpunk for a while, so this might be a nice change for those who aren't really into that. The G735 wireless headset looks especially easy on the head, if the description of "lightweight for lasting comfort" on the website is anything to go by.

The collection includes the headphones mentioned above (£189.00), the G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (£169.99), the G713 Gaming Keyboard (£144.99), the G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse (£84.99), and to finish off, a Pink Dawn or White Mist Blue Yeti Microphone (£119.99). Or, if you love the look so much, you can buy the whole lot for £588.77.

You're free to customize all items, too, with varying colours of ear pads, keyboard caps and plates, palm rests, cables, carrying cases, and mouse pads.

Featured Image Credit: Logitech

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