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OG LEGO Star Wars Fans Heartbroken At New Game's Missing Feature

OG LEGO Star Wars Fans Heartbroken At New Game's Missing Feature

RIP Yoda

I'm obsessed with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. I'm only just nearing the end of the prequel trilogy, but I can already tell this is going to be one of my favourite video games of 2022.

Much like the original LEGO Star Wars, this brick-based retelling of the classic movies is slick, entertaining, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. It's also leveraged the power afforded by modern consoles to do things that never would have been possible in those early LEGO games - and I love it for that.

The newest game is packed full of hidden details for Star Wars fans to spot. Take a look below!

Unfortunately, while LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a marked improvement on its predecessors in almost every way, there's one glaring omission that has left fans heartbroken.

As spotted by TheGamer, Yoda's iconic death shriek from the first LEGO Star Wars has not found its way into the new game. Quite why or how this particularly raspy gurgle became such an iconic meme is unclear. All I know is that it did, and people miss it.

Over on YouTube, FAL has compared Yoda's death sounds across the games just to underline the difference between the Jedi Master's dying breaths across the decades. Judging by the comments, it's something of a point of contention among players.

"Ok, I think Elden Ring wins game of the year then," one fan wrote. "Missed opportunity."

"They lied about Yoda's old death sound returning? The devs said on Twitter they would have the original death sound for Yoda. Very controversial this is," observed another user.

Sure enough, back in 2020 TT Games did share a popular petition to put the OG Yoda death sound in The Skywalker Saga. The developer promised to include it if the petition reached the required number of signatures - which it did. Alas, that classic Yoda death sound is absent.

It's hardly the end of the world, obviously. I'd imagine the development team was probably too busy working on a massive open-world game for us to play to acknowledge a petition that could easily be construed as a joke. Either way, The Skywalker Saga still slaps and you can listen to Yoda's classic death cry whenever you want on YouTube, you weirdo.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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