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'LEGO Star Wars' Creepiest Moment Has A Deeply Disturbing Backstory

'LEGO Star Wars' Creepiest Moment Has A Deeply Disturbing Backstory

Certainly not what you expect from a family friendly LEGO game.

One of the surprising hits of 2022 so far has been LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which has charmed players with its appealing gameplay and attractive aesthetic.

However, that doesn’t mean it is completely devoid of the creepy and weird. There is one moment which had Star Wars fans somewhat puzzled. In a cutscene, you see a silent droid holding a Kyber Brick that vanishes into an abandoned house filled with cobwebs and eerie music. The further you go into the house the creepier it gets, ending with a zoomed-in shot of the droid’s emotionless face.

If you’ve managed to miss out on The Skywalker Saga then you can take a peek at the video below.

However, the mystery appears to have been solved thanks to Zack Zwiezen over at Kotaku. The droid is Nobot, a background character seen in The Phantom Menace who had no dialogue or significance to that story. Following his appearance, fan Shaun Flaherty gave Nobot a name and some life with a rather disturbing backstory. 

In Flaherty’s story, the vendor Jira, who a young Anakin helps buy a new cooler in the film, tells the tale of a mysterious droid who wandered into town with a broken communications module. The last recorded message on it were the screams of a dying pregnant woman, who the people of Mos Espa believe Nobot either killed or watched die. 

Rumour has it that numerous people have attempted to destroy the droid either by beating it or taking it out into the Dune Sea, but it always showed back up, recognisable by its body covered in blaster burns and dried blood. This led people to believe he is protected by the dark side.

Completing the side-mission confirms that the droid is indeed Nobot, which is the first time this fan-fiction has appeared in an official Star Wars story. While The Skywalker Saga isn’t officially canon, Flaherty must be chuffed to see his little murderbot come to life.

Featured Image Credit: TT Games

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