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Latest PS5 Update Includes New Highly Requested Features

Latest PS5 Update Includes New Highly Requested Features

A new system update is available for PS5 owners right now, with more big changes coming to the PS App soon, too.

Today, a new system update is available for PS5 owners, and it includes some pretty significant changes. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Hideaki Nishino (senior vice president, platform experience) outlined all the details.

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For starters, 1440p HDMI video output is now available (for anyone with a compatible TV or monitor, that is). Stereo and 3D audio can now also be compared on the same screen, and in-progress Activities from game hubs are now easier to access. 

Later this month, the PS App will be getting some pretty big updates, too. Soon, players will be able to begin a PS Remote Play session straight from the app - your PS5 just needs to be in Rest Mode first (with the App linked). App users will also be able to request for a friend playing on their PS5 to start sharing their screen, and watch them from the app. 

Additionally, for PS5 users in the US and UK, it’s now possible to search on YouTube using Voice Command. This means that you can now browse YouTube videos at any time (including during gameplay) simply by saying “hey PlayStation”. So, if you’re stuck in a game, you barely have to interrupt what you’re doing to find a solution. Or, you could just take a look at cat videos. The choice is yours.

Featured Image Credit: Kamil S via Unsplash, Martin Katler via Unsplash

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