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HBO's The Last of Us: Storm Reid tells homophobic haters to 'get your priorities straight'

HBO's The Last of Us: Storm Reid tells homophobic haters to 'get your priorities straight'

Riley actress Storm Reid has responded to homophobic haters after The Last of Us' latest episode was review-bombed.

It feels important to note that before I started typing, I released a sigh. A large one. Unfortunately, HBO’s The Last of Us has been review-bombed again as the latest episode ‘Left Behind’ explores the relationship between Ellie and her first love Riley.

It’s not the first time this has happened. ‘Long Long Time’ was review-bombed for its ‘political propaganda,’ which is complete nonsense. The standout episode was a storytelling triumph, exploring the wonderful relationship between characters Bill and Frank. It appears as if history may be repeating itself. Haters are now referring to The Last of Us’ latest episode ‘Left Behind’ as “woke filler” but Riley actress Storm Reid has a few choice words for such people.

Excited for episode eight? Take a look at the trailer below.

Fans are full of praise for Reid’s ‘phenomenal’ performance as Riley but it turns out that Reid is also a phenomenal human being too. The actress hit back at homophobic haters, telling them to ‘get their priorities straight.’ In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reid said, “Like Bella said when episode three came out, if you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

“We are telling important stories,” she continued. “We’re telling stories of people’s experiences, and that’s what I live for. That’s what makes good storytelling because we are telling stories of people who are taking up space in the world. [...] It's 2023. If you're concerned about who I love, then I need you to get your priorities straight. There's so many other things to worry about in life. Why are you concerned that these young people - or anybody - love each other? Love is beautiful, and the fact that people have things to say about it, it's just nonsense."

Perfectly said. There are just two episodes left before The Last of Us’ first season draws to a close. How time flies.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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