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'The Last Of Us Part 1' Remake Reviews Are Pretty Much Unanimous

'The Last Of Us Part 1' Remake Reviews Are Pretty Much Unanimous

Naughty Dog's divisive remake of The Last of Us has left critics all saying the same thing.

The Last of Us Part I is a game that’s divided opinion ever since it was announced. Remakes aren’t new, yet this particular one seems to have stirred up a fair bit of debate. Maybe it’s because it’s already been remastered and still holds up very well to this day. Perhaps it’s because the original The Last of Us isn’t as old as remade games typically are. Either way, it’s been divisive but the reviews tell a completely different story.

Ahead of the game’s release tomorrow, check out the launch trailer for The Last of Us Part I below.

Naughty Dog’s new-gen remake has received almost unanimous rave reviews from critics, landing The Last of Us Part I an impressive score of 89 on Metacritic. Out of a collated 99 reviews, 95 are positive with just four offering a mixed view. In our own review (written by yours truly), I rated the game a nine, writing that “fans will find no better way to experience this story, and first-time players are likely to discover a new all-time favourite.”

Inverse rated Part I a perfect 10. They said, “Unforgettable characters, sky-high stakes, nail-biting action, and impeccable pacing make The Last of Us Part I a superlative gaming experience in every possible sense.” NME followed suit justifying their 10 by writing, “The Last of Us Part I is a remarkable remake that proves its worth very quickly. It is carefully faithful to the original script but passionately keen to improve the experience where it can, by honing in on the emotional resonance of its most effective scenes while elevating the thrilling brutality of its combat.”

IGN settled on a nine. They commented, “A gorgeous and well-honed remake of one of the biggest boppers in the PlayStation pantheon, The Last of Us Part I is the best way to play – or replay – Naughty Dog’s esteemed survival classic,” with GameByte adding that “this will become the de facto definitive edition of the game that will be enjoyed for generations to come.” Naughty Dog must be pretty pleased with this response.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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