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HBO's The Last of Us fans seemingly spot major Part 2 character cameo

HBO's The Last of Us fans seemingly spot major Part 2 character cameo

Fans think they've spotted a major The Last of Us Part 2 character lurking in the background of the HBO series' latest episode.

It’s here - a brand new episode of The Last of Us. It felt like a treat when episode five, ‘Endure and Survive,’ aired early last week so as not to clash with the Super Bowl. The downside of that though is that we had to wait an extra couple of days for episode six. I think it’s fair to say though, it was definitely worth the wait.

HBO’s The Last of Us is a colossal success. After just two episodes, it was already the sixth most-watched show on the planet. You can see why HBO was so eager to renew the series for a second season. That will, of course, adapt the story of The Last of Us Part II. Already, fans think they’ve worked out who may be portraying Abby but in the latest episode, ‘Kin,’ viewers think they’ve spotted their first glimpse at another Part II character.

The Last of Us Part I soon lands on PC. Take a look at the game in action below ahead of its 28 March release date.

Warning. We’re entering episode six spoiler territory. If you’ve watched episode six and you’re familiar with Naughty Dog’s video game series, I bet you asked yourself, “Was that Dina?” Shortly after arriving in Jackson, Ellie spots a girl her age staring and lurking across the room. This girl isn’t named, but she sure did look a lot like Dina from Part II. Fans took to Reddit to discuss the possible cameo.

User vokey56 wrote, “So we can agree that we just saw Dina, right? There was a brief moment after Ellie and Joel arrived in Jackson where a girl was in the background sneaking a peak at the new arrivals. It had to be.” StarGazinWade added, “That’s what I blurted out,” while djpointone said, “Ha, I feel like we all had the Leo moment.” OneBingToRuleThemAll added, “I’m 99.99% sure that was her. I grinned so damn widely.”

The response to the scene has been noted by franchise creator Neil Druckmann, who is also a showrunner on the series alongside Craig Mazin. Shortly after the episode aired, ‘Was that Dina’ began trending on Twitter. Druckmann simply tweeted a screenshot of the trending topic, writing, “Ahahaha. Love y’all.” No confirmation or denial, I’m afraid.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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