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Joker 2 footage confirms multiple Jokers are after Joaquin Phoenix

Joker 2 footage confirms multiple Jokers are after Joaquin Phoenix

Joker 2 set footage teases that the highly-anticipated sequel may involve multiple Jokers at play.

The sequel to 2019’s Joker has survived the mass chop over at DC Studios. It’s no secret that new studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran have been extremely picky over which DC projects they’re choosing not to axe. The sequel to Joker is one of the surviving films which feels like a no brainer. The first outing was both a critical and commercial success.

In fact, leading actor Joaquin Phoenix was awarded Best Actor at the Oscars and it’s rare to see comic-inspired films awarded with such accolades. Joker and its upcoming sequel will now exist in the ‘Elseworlds’ timeline alongside Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The main DCU will have a soft reboot to lead it into ‘Chapter One: Gods and Monsters.’ For now, director Todd Phillips is keeping pretty hush-hush about Joker: Folie á Deux, but new set footage appears to have provided us with some insight.

ICYMI, check out the latest trailer for The Flash below which will be pivotal in leading up to the DCU’s soft reboot.

Joker: Folie á Deux is scheduled to release on 4 October, 2024. We know that Lady Gaga will star in the film. It’s assumed that she’ll portray a version of Harley Quinn seeing as we recently got a first look at Gaga’s character in action, sharing a passionate moment with Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck. New set footage though appears to show that Fleck isn’t the only Joker so it looks like we may have some imitators coming into play.

As reported by Digital Spy, in the set photos, we see Phoenix as Fleck dressed in a rather dull suit donning quite faded clown-style make-up. Standing next to him is a guy dressed as another version of Joker that you may recognise from the first film’s famous staircase scene. The make-up and outfit of this Joker is much more vivid.

It’s time to get theorising, my friends. Could this be an imitator inspired by Fleck’s actions in the previous film? Is it simply a figment of Fleck’s imagination? Is he taunted by his more eccentric Joker side? I guess we’ll find out in 2024. We’ve got a long wait ahead of us.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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