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Intense new horror movie just grossed $5.2 million on a $250k budget

Intense new horror movie just grossed $5.2 million on a $250k budget

Sounds like another schlocky success for director Damien Leone.

Terrifier 2, the most revolting horror movie in recent memory triggering theatregoers to vomit and pass out, just raked in a first-rate box office total against a $250,000 budget.

Terrifier 2 continues the events of Terrifier (clearly) with Art the Clown resurrected thanks to a strange demonic entity in the form of a little girl with the same creepy makeup. Now let loose to mete sickening violence on anyone that encounters him, the creature stalks the town on Halloween night and the events of the movie are extreme. “Watching #Terrifier2 my friend just threw up and then passed out. I’ve counted five walk outs so far. I’m loving it,” said one viewer.

Check out the trailer for Terrifier 2 here!

Evidently, the movie has been a huge hit in spite of its nauseating visuals, grossing $5.2 million against a budget of a quarter of a million dollars. Terrifier 2 was originally an Indiegogo project and the hype for the next chapter of the clown's story saw the funds surge to over 430% of the initial goal.

"It feels like too much, but if you’re among the horror viewers who get swept up in Art the Clown’s impish act, you get the feeling that’s exactly the point," argued Paste's Matthew Jackson. "Art was born to be an overkiller, to embody [director Damien] Leone’s appreciation for blackly comic gore, and Terrifier 2 is his magnum opus of blood and guts."

Matt Donato, one of IGN's movie reviewers, said that Art has earned his spot as one of the horror icons of this generation though the theory is more promising than practice. "Terrifier 2 rips, tears, hacks, shreds, butchers, disembowels, decapitates, devours, pulverizes, tenderizes, slices, dices, skewers - I'm missing plenty - and knock-em-out-dead eviscerates the current competition when it comes to low-budget slasher effects," he said. Well, to those seeing Terrifier 2 before Halloween, I hope you have a strong stomach.

Featured Image Credit: Bloody Disgusting

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